Bob Long

Radio and automobiles have been lifelong passions for the host of Motor News Weekly Radio,  AutoWorld Radio, Deals On Wheels Radio, Cars and Guitar’s Mulitimedia as well The Long Drive feature.

Long has wriiten for Motor Trend Magazine, Motor Trend Classic and dozens of publications and websites worldwide.

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Sharon Long

First and foremost, I’m Mom to a wonderful two-year-old daughter and wife to automotive talk show host and all around great guy, Bob Long. This blog, you could say is an offspring of my two greatest loves. Having been fortunate to travel the automotive circles with Bob, I’ve learned alot. Especially that enthusiasm for cars is highly contagious. I’ve also been privileged to drive and ride in more cars than I can possibly recount.

It wasn’t until our little bundle of joy arrived that my perspective on cars underwent a drastic overhaul. It IS true…a baby changes everything….especially what you drive. Prior to babyhood, if anyone told me that one day I’d think of my beloved Audit TT as a pain in the butt…I’d say that’s crazy. But that day came, and I couldn’t wait to unload it for a more baby friendly vehicle. Had we kept that cozy little coupe any longer, I would have blown her college fund on chiropractic care just taking the car seat in and out. Not to mention that any front seat passenger would need to ride folded up and shoved in the glove box. These were our first considerations when shopping for a family car. Quite a departure from how fast and sexy is it.

So this blog is designed to look at cars through Mom lenses. With an appreciation of the fast, luxurious and sexy, I’d also like to look at cars and talk about ‘the Mom factor’. Understanding details like LATCHES and how they are NOT all created equal. [the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) just published a study on this April 12, 2012] Basically all the little things that no one told me and even if they had I probably wouldn’t have listened. Not until I actually looked at our precious little girl for the first time and realized that we had to put her, and all of her gear in the car and drive her home.

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